to work

is a project to convert an old launderette into a workplace. The

project, with limited means, interprets the existing and the past as

an opportunity. The shop, abandoned for a long time, has had

different uses in the past and this past has left visible marks of

occupation.  History is kept through the saving of small objects

now converted into relics. A ‘dark blue sky’ is painted to

give the space a less vertical proportion, adding ‘weight’ and

bringing the memory of water to the ceiling.

Three curtains are added to the open space to allow for a

sectioned organisation, creating different visual relationships,

generating privacy or openness, shaping the space according to its


The few layers of complexity introduced try to give energy and

intensity to the ‘on hold’ space.

location: Coimbra, Portugal

year: 2023

programme: atelier space

status: cbuilt

surface : 35m2

client: private

with: duarte miranda & joana martins