1. to cook 

  2. to rest

  3. to learn

  4. to dwell

  5. to explore

  6. to store

  7. to create

  8. to exhibit

  9. to read

  10. to retire

  11. to discover

  12. to re-start

  13. to dwell II

  14. to work

  15. to dwell III

  16. to mirror

  17. to remember

  18. to return

  19. to ...

to exhibit

is an investigation about a typology - the Urban Village. the way

in which the fabric of Lausanne is constituted and appears to

the eyes of those who pass through it is marked by the

repetitive existence of these PLOTS. eight case studies from

the early 20th century form the main body of the exhibition. the

research comes to life through the drawings made for the

occasion and through the beautiful photos by Filip dujardin.

for the event, one of the flats was built in full scale in which the

exhibition  was showned. we learn by living directly in space.

location: Lausanne, Switzerland

year: 2019

programme: exhibition

status: competition + realization and scenography

surface : 100m2

client: f’ar - Forum of architecture, Lausanne

with:benoît jacques