1. to cook 

  2. to rest

  3. to learn

  4. to dwell

  5. to explore

  6. to store

  7. to create

  8. to exhibit

  9. to read

  10. to retire

  11. to discover

  12. to re-start

  13. to dwell II

  14. to work

  15. to dwell III

  16. to mirror

  17. to remember

  18. to return

  19. to ...

to store

is a project to clean and store olives.

the primary premise is sun and weather protection - 3/4 of the

volume are a roof, the other third is an enclosed space where

the manual cleaning of the olives takes place.

the object, confronted by a front of traditional single-family

dwellings, inverts the natural chromatic order. this inversion is

the refusal of domesticity itself and the affirmation of its

industrial character.

location: Marvão, Portugal

year: 2021

programme: agriculture

status: construction site

surface : 300m2

client: private