to dwell

is a proposal for a residential building in geneva. The

volume is marked at the ends by two bow-windows that

mark its expression along the garden street, these, when

facing the street, through their figurative character, mark

the beginning and the end of the volume. The relationship

with the street is encouraged by three external staircases,

which expose the circulation of the building to the city

users in a narrative that recalls the film Mon Oncle by

Jacques Tati. The flats are all transversal, offering better

conditions of ventilation and illumination. Between the

living room and the master bedroom, a loose wall

accentuates the possibility of circulation in the flat

creating a feeling of greater generosity

location: Geneva, Switzerland

year: 2021

programme: housing

status: competition

surface : 6’400m2

client: HBM Foundation

with: méderic gilgen