to dwell II

a compact and economical building is imagined, built between

two gardens which, despite its rationality, is able to generate

generous spaces through precise architectural movements.

the concept of spatial perception and sensation is explored,

not as the sum of square metres, but linked to the experience of

living - small can become big!

the design and materialisation oscillate between the knowledge

ofvernacular architecture and the technological inventions

raised by contemporary issues, especially those of


more than a building, the project tries to propose a vision for

community living,

where all the intervening parties are considered active parts of

the proposal.The relationship between human beings, fauna

and flora is treated with attention, giving the same degree of

importance to all the actors in the city.

the project proposes two green spaces, with distinct


oriented to the east, in the courtyard, a garden composed of

leisure areas for the residents; to the west, and finishing the

street, a small vegetative border that together with the terrain

modelling allows a control of the visual relation of the new

building and the street with the service area.

both 'gardens' are spaces for people, animals and plants.

the living area is distributed between the 4 floors and the attic,

which solves all the issues of security and privacy of the flats.

the ground floor concentrates the entrance areas, the guest

rooms,and some of the social/public programmes of the

building likethe playroom, the commercial space of the

cooperative (in the project imagined as a café and bicycle

repair workshop)and the work ateliers.

the laundry and the common room are located in the attic to

encourage vertical mobility in the building and a greater plurality

of meetings and opportunities to encourage the establishment

of relationships between residents.

location: Lissabon, Portugal

year: 2023

programme: housing

status: competition

surface : 2’000m2

client: SRU Lisboa Ocidental

with: pomo - landscape architecture